A New Way to See USC

USC football player and helmet

A global center for arts, technology and business education, USC is one of the most recognized universities in the world.

Wanting to create a fresh, innovative approach to prospect marketing, USC approached TRAFFIK to envision a new way to publish and distribute the University’s viewbook.

  • Art Direction
  • App Development
  • Concepting
  • Content Production
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • UX Design
USC campus

A Virtual Visit

TRAFFIK developed a strategy based on key insights from research into the needs and behavior of prospective students—this tech-savvy audience increasingly conducts initial school research on digital devices instead of printed materials.

USC student on his laptop
USC web screenshots

Explore, Experience, Discover

Aligning strategy, design and messaging, TRAFFIK created an interactive viewbook app comprised of engaging images, videos, content and communication options to immerse prospective students in the USC experience.

Featuring student life, academic opportunities, the admissions process and much more, the viewbook encourages deep exploration of all things USC, establishes meaningful connections and makes it easy for prospects to turn interest into action.

USC videos on tablet

Reinventing Student Recruitment

Elevating the traditional university viewbook, TRAFFIK designed one of the very first interactive digital viewbooks, positioning USC as a pioneer in emerging technology and leader in digital engagement with prospective students.

Digital interactive viewbook