A Hands-on Strategy for
Student Recruitment

SCIT equipment

Wanting to expand student inquiries, increase brand awareness and drive new enrollment, Southern California Institute of Technology turned to TRAFFIK to engineer and execute a precise messaging strategy aimed at motivated career seekers.

  • Art Direction
  • Content Production
  • Digital Campaign
  • Market Analytics
  • Media Planning
  • Messaging Matrix
  • Microsite Development
  • Strategy
  • Web Design
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Building Experience

Driven by focused research on prospective students, TRAFFIK developed a strategy centered around a key insight—students are seeking real-world experience to rapidly prepare for in-demand careers.

SCIT students
SCIT website screen shots

Learn by Doing

Highlighting the extensive lab facilities, project-based approach and in-depth career preparation of each program, TRAFFIK launched an integrated digital campaign built around the hands-on education provided by SCIT.

SCIT student repairing computer

Engineering Outcomes

Through rigorous targeting criteria and data-driven messaging, TRAFFIK is delivering high-quality leads at 20% lower CPL than industry standard.

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