Placing Redlands
in a Class of Its Own

University of Redlands Campus

Wanting to develop a fully integrated solution for increasing enrollments, the University of Redlands partnered with TRAFFIK.

To enable real-time response to campaign insights and opportunities, TRAFFIK worked with the university to create a custom-built ecosystem of lead capturing, reporting and nurturing tools.

  • Art Direction
  • Concepting
  • Content Production
  • CRM Integration
  • Database Management
  • Event Production
  • IT Consulting
  • Market Analytics
  • Marketing Automation
  • Media Planning
  • Reporting
  • Research
  • Strategy
Student playing piano

Explorers Wanted

Inspired by the idyllic campus setting and rich history of the University, TRAFFIK envisioned a campaign that beckoned students to embark on an educational journey of exploration, collaboration and growth—all with an eye toward the future.

Student walking across campus

A Multidisciplinary Approach

By informing forward-looking messaging with data-driven strategy, TRAFFIK crafted, deployed, measured and optimized the national TV, radio, print, digital and airport ads campaign to create greater brand awareness and drive enrollment interest.

University of Redlands Campus

Building on the tools and learning from the success of the original campaign, TRAFFIK’s strategy team launched fruitful direct mail, social, email and PPC marketing efforts for other divisions and departments of the University.

Facebook Ad

Graduating from Strategy to Results

TRAFFIK’s tailor-made campaigns helped Redlands meet enrollment goals 3 years in a row by increasing prospective leads by 1,667% and decreasing costs per lead by 48%.

Laptop on desk with I am a Trailblazer image on screen
Increase in Prospective Leads
increase in social media engagement
decrease in MBA CPL year over year
increase in web traffic
increase in brand awareness
increase in MBA leads year over year
unique visitors to EMBARK microsite